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Integrated high-performance data compression in the IBM z13

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The IBM zEnterprise® Data Compression (zEDC) feature provides integrated high-performance data compression to the IBM z13™ and zEnterprise EC12 and BC12 processors. zEDC is a combined hardware feature (zEDC Express) and z/OS® software solution that provides high-performance, industry-standard-compliant compression and decompression. The zEDC Express device and the z/OS device support have been designed to provide compatibility with the zlib open source library for both compression and decompression. The base z/OS operating system and z/OS middleware significantly exploit the zEDC technology to provide access to this compression technology across a wide range of applications. This paper provides an overview of the zEDC Express hardware feature, the different z/OS device driver interfaces for using zEDC, including zlib, and discusses how this support was integrated into different aspects of the z/OS software stack.