Journal of the Air and Waste Management Association

Integrated environmental control modeling of coal-fired power systems

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The capability to estimate the performance and costs of advanced environmental control systems for coal-fired power plants is critical to a variety of planning and analysis requirements faced by utilities, regulators, researchers, and analysts in the public and private sectors. This paper describes a computer model developed for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to provide an up-to-date capability for analyzing a variety of pre-combustion, combustion, and post-combustion options in an integrated framework. A unique feature of the model allows performance and costs of integrated environmental control concepts to be modeled probabilistically as a means of characterizing uncertainties and risks. Examples are presented of model applications, comparing conventional and advanced emission control designs. The magnitude of technological risks associated with advanced technologies now under development are seen to vary markedly across applications. In general, however, integrated environmental control concepts show significant potential for more cost-effective methods of emissions control. © 1997 Air & Waste Management Association.