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Imide-aryl Ether Phenylquinoxaline Triblock Copolymers

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Imide-aryl ether phenylquinoxaline triblock copolymers were investi gated. A key feature of the copolymer systems is the preparation of a mono-functional amine-terminated aryl ether phenylquinoxaline oligomer via nucleophilic aromatic substitution. The oligomer was co-reacted with various compositions of 4,4'-oxydianiline (ODA) and pyromellitic dianhydride (PMDA) diethyl ester diacyl chloride in an N- methylpyrrolidone/N-cyclohexylpyrrolidone (NMP/CIIP) solvent mixture in the pres ence of N-methylmorpholine. The resulting amic ester-aryl ether phenylquinoxaline copolymers were isolated and washed to remove homopolymer contamination. Co polymer compositions, analyzed by 1H-NMR, showed good agreement with that charged. Solutions of the copolymers were cast and cured (350°C) to effect imidization, affording tough and clear films. Multiphase morphologies were observed for the copolymers prepared, and the ordered morphology characteristic of the polyimide homopolymer was retained in the copolymers. In addition, significant improvements in the adhesion characteristics were observed. © 1990, SAGE Publications. All rights reserved.


27 Jul 2016


High Performance Polymers