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Hardware and software for reproducible research in audio array signal processing

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In our demo, we present two hardware platforms for prototyping audio array signal processing. Pyramic is a 48-channel microphone array fitted on an FPGA and Compact Six is a portable microphone array with six microphones, closer to the technical constraints of consumer electronics. A browser based interface was developed that allows the user to interact with the audio stream from the arrays in real time. The software component of this demo is a Python module with implementations of basic audio signal processing blocks and popular techniques like STFT, beamforming, and DoA. Both the hardware design files and the software are open source and freely shared. As part of a collaboration with IBM Research, their beamforming and imaging technologies will also be portrayed. The hardware will be demonstrated through an installation processing the microphone signals into light patterns on a circular LED array. The demo will be interactive and let visitors play with different algorithms for DoA (SRP, FRIDA [1], Bluebild) and beamforming (MVDR, Flexibeam [2]). The availability of an open platform with reference implementations encourages reproducible research and minimizes setup-Time when testing and benchmarking new audio array signal processing algorithms. It can also serve as a useful educational tool, providing a means to work with real-life signals.