ISWC 2021
Conference paper

Generative Relation Linking for Question Answering over Knowledge Bases

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Relation linking is essential to enable question answering over knowledge bases. Although there are various efforts to improve relation linking performance, the current state-of-the-art methods do not achieve optimal results, therefore, negatively impacting the overall end-to-end question answering performance. In this work, we propose a novel approach for relation linking framing it as a generative problem facilitating the use of pre-trained sequence-to-sequence models. We extend such sequence-to-sequence models with the idea of infusing structured data from the target knowledge base, primarily to enable these models to handle the nuances of the knowledge base. Moreover, we train the model with the aim to generate a structured output consisting of a list of argument-relation pairs, enabling a knowledge validation step. We compared our method against the existing relation linking systems on four different datasets derived from DBpedia and Wikidata. Our method reports large improvements over the state-of-the-art while using a much simpler model that can be easily adapted to different knowledge bases.