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Full scale, microscopically resolved tomographies of sandstone and carbonate rocks augmented by experimental porosity and permeability values

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We report a dataset containing full-scale, 3D images of rock plugs augmented by petrophysical lab characterization data for application in digital rock and capillary network analysis. Specifically, we have acquired microscopically resolved tomography datasets of 18 cylindrical sandstone and carbonate rock samples having lengths of 25.4 mm and diameters of 9.5 mm, respectively. Based on the micro-tomography data, we have computed porosity-values for each imaged rock sample. For validating the computed porosity values with a complementary lab method, we have measured porosity for each rock sample by using standard petrophysical characterization techniques. Overall, the tomography-based porosity values agree with the measurement results obtained from the lab, with values ranging from 8% to 30%. In addition, we provide for each rock sample the experimental permeabilities, with values ranging from 0.4 mD to above 5D. This dataset will be essential for establishing, benchmarking, and referencing the relation between porosity and permeability of reservoir rock at pore scale.