IEEE Transactions on Advanced Packaging

Flip-chip-assembled air-suspended inductors

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This paper discusses high-performance planar suspended inductors for hybrid integration with microwave circuits. The inductors are fabricated using a silicon surface micromachining foundry process and assembled using flip-chip bonding. The silicon substrate is removed, leaving a metal inductor suspended 60 μm above the microwave substrate, thus reducing the parasitic capacitance and loss. Various rectangular, octagonal, and circular inductor geometries with one to five windings are designed with inductance values between 0.65 and 16 nH to demonstrate the flexibility of this technique. Measured self-resonant frequencies are between 5 and 34.8 GHz, with quality factors from 45 to 100. Equivalent circuits extracted from measurement for each inductor type show good agreement with measured impedance and full-wave simulations over frequency. The dc current handling limit is 200 mA. © 2007 IEEE.