AAAI 2021
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Exploring the efficacy of generic drugs in treating cancer

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Thousands of scientific publications discuss evidence on the efficacy of non-cancer generic drugs being tested for cancer. However, trying to manually identify and extract such evidence is intractable at scale. We introduce a natural language processing pipeline to automate the identification of relevant studies and facilitate the extraction of therapeutic associations between generic drugs and cancers from PubMed abstracts. We are annotating datasets of drug-cancer evidence and use them to train models to identify and characterize such evidence at scale. To make this evidence readily consumable, we incorporate the results of the models in a web application that allows users to browse documents and their extracted evidence. Finally, users can provide feedback on the quality of the evidence extracted by our models. This feedback is used to improve our datasets and the corresponding models in a continuous integration system. We describe the natural language processing pipeline in our application and the steps required to deploy services based on the machine learning models.