PACT 2012
Conference paper

Evaluation of blue gene/Q hardware support for transactional memories

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This paper describes an end-to-end system implementation of the transactional memory (TM) programming model on top of the hardware transactional memory (HTM) of the Blue Gene/Q (BG/Q) machine. The TMprogramming model supports most C/C++ programming constructs on top of a best-effort HTM with the help of a complete software stack including the compiler, the kernel, and the TM runtime. An extensive evaluation of the STAMP benchmarks on BG/Q is the first of its kind in understanding characteristics of running coarse-grained TM workloads on HTMs. The study reveals several interesting insights on the overhead and the scalability of BG/Q HTM with respect to sequential execution, coarse-grain locking, and software TM. Copyright © 2012 by the Association for Computing Machinery, Inc. (ACM).