IS&T/SPIE Electronic Imaging 1993
Conference paper

Electrochiemical properties of tile newly synthesized poly(ferrocenyl imalkylsilane) polymers

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We have synthesized and characterized several poly(ferrocenyl dialkylsilane) polymers. The solutions and films of these polymers showed two reversible and stable redox reactions when cycled in organic electrolytes between 0. 0 and 1 .0 V (vs Ag/AgC1 reference electrode). Their electrochemical behavior depends on the size of the alkyl substituents and the silane bridge between the ferrocene units for the a, cliferrocenyl oligosilane. In addition, these newly synthesized polymers are thermally stable up to 400°C. These poly(ferrocenyl dialkylsilane) polymers are potential candidates for use as the counter electrode or in the electrolyte component in electrochromic and electroluminescence display devices.