Journal of Applied Physics

Electrical transport properties of CoSi2 and Co(Si xGe1-x)2 films formed by different methods

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The electrical transport properties of CoSi2 and Co(Si xGe1-x)2 thin films formed by solid state interaction and co-evaporation in the range of 4-300 K were studied. The Hall effect data indicate a hole carrier conduction in all samples. The rapid thermal annealed CoSi2 exhibits a typical metallic conduction with a residual resistivity of 3.3-μΩ-cm and room-temperature (RT) resistivity of 15 μΩ cm. The co-evaporated CoSi2 and Co(Si 0.9Ge0.1)2 films after low temperature annealing up to 250°C show a low resistivity of 70-80 μΩ cm at RT and change little down to 4 K. The hole carrier density of all the samples studied has values close to 2-3×1022 cm-3, while the carrier Hall mobility has large differences.