Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B: Microelectronics and Nanometer Structures

Effects of amine- and pyridine-terminated molecular nanolayers on adhesion at Cu-SiO 2 interfaces

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Recent work has shown that molecular nanolayers (MNLs) are attractive candidates for isolating and enhancing adhesion of CuSi O2 interfaces for sub 100 nm integrated circuits. Here, we report the effects of solution concentration and Si O2 surface treatment on the adhesion of CuSi O2 interfaces treated with organosilane MNLs with two different nitrogen-containing termini. MNLs from 5 mM concentration solution form monolayers and enhance adhesion, while 50 mM solutions form multilayers via unregulated self-polymerization, leading to inferior adhesion. Electron spectroscopy of fracture surfaces reveals that the CuMNL interface is the weakest link. © 2005 American Vacuum Society.