The Journal of Chemical Physics

Determination of the equilibrium structure of protonated nitrogen by high resolution infrared laser spectroscopy

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We report the measurement of new high-J transitions (up to J=41) in the fundamental N-H stretch band and of the 1110-0110 bending hot band by velocity modulation infrared laser spectroscopy. These data were combined with measurements of the 100, 0110, and 001 fundamentals of both HNN+ and DNN+, and of the 1110-01 10 hot band of DNN+, and of microwave ground state rotational transitions, made by several groups, in a simultaneous weighted least-squares analysis; from this analysis, the equilibrium structure of protonated nitrogen was determined to be: rNH=1.033 59(43) Å, rNN=1.092 766(92) Å. Several vibration-rotation and anharmonicity constants were determined; comparisons with high level ab initio calculations are presented. © 1986 American Institute of Physics.