BACUS Symposium on Photomask Technology and Management 1996
Conference paper

Data-processing improvements for photomask pattern generators

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The performance of optical pattern generators as well as other lithographic tools was often limited by the performance of the data processing equipment and software used to control these tools. In fact, many performance attributes of modern pattern generators is due to the power and flexibility of the modern computers and software. For example, imperfections in the stage travel due to the mechanical components are often mapped out and corrected for in the control software. When key components are upgraded, these older tools regain useful life, at relatively low cost, for research and development and certain production applications. This paper describes modifications which have been made to a GCA 3600F pattern generator resulting in improved performance in key categories such as reliability and throughput. The modifications have been done to the operating system, data storage subsystem, job creation and monitoring system. Also, a generator has been constructed to simplify production of photomasks consisting primarily of regular arrayed patterns. ©2005 Copyright SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering.