IEDM 2013
Conference paper

Co-integration of InGaAs n- and SiGe p-MOSFETs into digital CMOS circuits using hybrid dual-channel ETXOI substrates

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We demonstrate for the first time a dense co-integration of co-planar nano-scaled SiGe p-FETs and InGaAs n-FETs. This result is based on hybrid substrates containing extremely-thin SiGe and InGaAs layers on insulators (ETXOI). We first show that such hybrid substrates can be fabricated by direct wafer bonding with stacked high-mobility layers thinner than 8nm. A process flow is presented that allows us to fabricate n- and p-channel field effect transistors with ultra-thin body and BOX (UTBB-FET) on the same wafer. Gate lengths down to 40nm produced at sub-μm gate-pitch are achieved. Working CMOS inverters are obtained using a common front-end which confirms the viability of this integration scheme for hybrid high-mobility dual-channel CMOS. We also highlight that back-biasing technique for Vt tuning can still be used despite the dualchannel structure, as implemented in standard ETSOI circuits. © 2013 IEEE.