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Closed loop optimization of 5G network slices

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The rising popularity of 5G is expected to drive transformation in a large number of industries, thereby generating a diverse set of use cases with distinct and specific requirements on throughput, latency, availability etc. 5G Slicing, one of the key enablers of 5G, will allow different applications with custom QoS requirements to be supported on the same physical infrastructure. A slice, during its lifecycle from planning to decommissioning, requires a scalable Management and Orchestration (MANO) framework that automates the slice deployment and its management. The dynamic nature of slices and the strict QoS requirements of 5G applications, requires a more intelligent MANO framework with analytics capabilities for slice SLO assurance and optimization capabilities for resource efficiency. In this demo, we present an end-to-end 5G slicing lifecycle framework with additional capabilities of optimal cost-efficient placement of slices and 3GPP compliant Data and Analytics Function (DAF) module for intelligent monitoring for assurance.