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CaQR: A Compiler-Assisted Approach for Qubit Reuse through Dynamic Circuit

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Quantum measurement is important to quantum computing as it extracts out the outcome of the circuit at the end of the computation. Previously, all measurements have to be done at the end of the circuit. Otherwise, it will incur significant errors. But it is not the case now. Recently IBM starts supporting dynamic circuit through hardware (instead of software by simulator). With mid-circuit hardware measurement, we can improve circuit efficacy and fidelity from three aspects: (a) reduced qubit usage, (b) reduced swap insertion, and (c) improved fidelity. We demonstrate this using real-world applications Bernstein Verizani on real hardware and show that circuit resource usage can be improved by 60%, and circuit fidelity can be improved by 15%. We design a compiler-assisted tool that can find and exploit the tradeoff between qubit reuse, fidelity, gate count, and circuit duration. We also developed a method for identifying whether qubit reuse will be beneficial for a given application. We evaluated our method on a representative set of important applications. We can reduce resource usage by up to 80% and improve circuit fidelity by up to 20%.