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Blue Gene/L programming and operating environment

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With up to 65,536 compute nodes and a peak performance of more than 360 teraflops, the Blue Gene®/L (BG/L) supercomputer represents a new level of massively parallel systems. The system software stack for BG/L creates a programming and operating environment that harnesses the raw power of this architecture with great effectiveness. The design and implementation of this environment followed three major principles: simplicity, performance, and familiarity. By specializing the services provided by each component of the system architecture, we were able to keep each one simple and leverage the BG/L hardware features to deliver high performance to applications. We also implemented standard programming interfaces and programming languages that greatly simplified the job of porting applications to BG/L. The effectiveness of our approach has been demonstrated by the operational success of several prototype and production machines, which have already been scaled to 16,384 nodes. © Copyright 2005 by International Business Machines Corporation.