AMIA Annual Symposium 2023
Conference paper

Automatic Mapping of Terminology Items with Transformers

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Biomedical ontologies are a key component in many systems for the analysis of textual clinical data. They are employed to organize information about a certain domain relying on a hierarchy of different classes. Each class maps a concept to items in a terminology developed by domain experts. These mappings are then leveraged to organize the information extracted by Natural Language Processing (NLP) models to build knowledge graphs for inferences. The creation of these associations, however, requires extensive manual review. In this paper, we present an automated approach and repeatable framework to learn a mapping between ontology classes and terminology terms derived from vocabularies in the Unified Medical Language System (UMLS) metathesaurus. According to our evaluation, the proposed system achieves a performance close to humans and provides a substantial improvement over existing systems developed by the National Library of Medicine to assist researchers through this process.