ArF excimer laser debrides burns without destruction of viable tissue: A pilot study

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Introduction: Recent evidence indicates that early removal of eschar by tangential debridement can promote healing. Laser debridement can be used for debridement of areas that prove challenging for debridement using tangential excision. In particular, irradiation with an ArF excimer laser ablates desiccated eschar and is self-terminating, preserving hydrated or viable tissue. Methods: Thermal burns were created on the flanks of two outbred, female Yorkshire pigs using aluminum bars heated to 70 °C and applied for different lengths of time. Three days after injury, burns were debrided using an ArF excimer laser (193 nm). Tissue was harvested immediately after debridement and 7 days after debridement (10 days after burn). Results: Data from a pilot study demonstrates that ArF excimer laser irradiation removes burn eschar and promotes healing at 10 days after burn. ArF excimer laser debridement is self-terminating and preserves underlying and adjacent perfused tissue. Potentially, this modality would be ideal for the complex curvilinear structures of the body.