International Journal of Modern Physics C

Amadeus project and microscopic simulation of boiling two-phase flow by the lattice-Boltzmann method

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A two-dimensional lattice-Boltzmann model with a hexagonal lattice is developed to simulate a boiling two-phase flow microscopically. Liquid-gas phase transition and bubble dynamics, including bubble formation, growth and deformation, are modeled by using an interparticle potential based on the van der Waals equation of state. Thermohydrodynamics is incorporated into the model by adding extra velocities to define temperature. The lattice-Boltzmann model is solved by a finite difference scheme so that numerical stability can be ensured at large discontinuity across the liquid-gas phase boundary and the narrow phase interface thickness can be attained. It is shown from numerical simulations that the model has the ability to reproduce phase transition, bubble dynamics and thermohydrodynamics while assuring numerical instability and narrow phase interface.