IMS 2013
Conference paper

A low phase noise Ku-band sub-integer frequency synthesizer for E-band transceivers

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A Ku band frequency synthesizer is designed and implemented in 0.13μm SiGe technology as a part of an E-band superhetrodyne transceiver chipset. It provides for RF channels of 71-76 GHz in 62.5MHz steps, and features a phase rotating pulse injection division region switching subinteger frequency divider. Output frequency ranges from 15.4 to 16.7 GHz. The measured differential output power is about -6 dBm measured phase noise at 100-kHz 1-MHz and 10MHz is -84, -111 and -131 dBc/Hz, respectively. Reference spurs are at -44 dBc and sub-integer spurs are at -45dBc, with power consumption of 166mW. © 2013 IEEE.