The Journal of Chemical Physics

A hybrid method for improving MCSCF convergence

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It has been found that the convergence problems for many ill conditioned single-configuration SCF calculations arise from mixing among only a small number of orbitals. Thes orbital set includes the highest closed, the partially filled, and (possibly) a few of the lowest virtual orbitals. The fact that convergence problems can be, in very large measure, linked to a small orbital set is used to design a hybrid MCSCF procedure in which these orbitals are treated using a second-order MCSCF method, while other mixings are treated with a lower-order method which avoids the time consuming integral transformation. Tests on BeO show that the hybrid method yields convergence even when the simple lower-order treatment diverges. The method is expected to facilitate determination of MCSCF wave functions for large basis problems and for the construction of potential energy surfaces. © 1981 American Institute of Physics.