DATE 2022
Conference paper

A Cryo-CMOS Transmon Qubit Controller and Verification with FPGA Emulation

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Future generations of quantum computers are expected to operate in a paradigm where multi-qubit devices will predominantly perform circuits to support quantum error correction. Highly integrated cryogenic electronics are a key enabling technology to support the control of the large numbers of physical qubits that will be required in this fault-tolerant, error-corrected regime. Here, we describe our perspectives on cryoelectronics-driven qubit control architectures, and will then describe an implementation of a scalable, low-power, cryogenic qubit state controller that includes a domain-specific processor and a SSB upconversion I/Q-mixer-based RF AWG. We will also describe an FPGA-based emulation platform that is able to closely reproduce the system intention, and which was used to verify different aspects of the ASIC system design in in situ transmon qubit control experiments.