RFIC 2016
Conference paper

A 16.2 Gbps 60 GHz SiGe transmitter for outdoor wireless links

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A fully integrated 60 GHz transmitter in 130 nm BiCMOS SiGe technology for outdoor applications is presented. The transmitter covers the entire 57-66 GHz band supporting a record data rate of 16.2 Gbps at 6 dBm output power, 512 QAM with an EVM of -34 dB. The single ended saturated power, OP1dB, and OIP3 are above 18 dBm, 16 dBm and 23 dBm respectively. The transmitter meets the most stringent ETSI emission mask for point-to-point communication at class6LB, 500 MHz bandwidth with an output noise floor below -133 dBm/Hz. The area of the transmitter is 15 mm2 and it consumes 1.2 W.