SPIE-P-W 2011
Conference paper

300 Gb/s bidirectional fiber-coupled optical transceiver module based on 24 TX + 24 RX "holey" CMOS IC

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A novel, compact 48-channel optical transceiver module has been designed and fabricated based on a "holey" Optochip - a single-chip CMOS transceiver IC with 24 receiver and 24 laser driver circuits each with a corresponding through-substrate optical via (hole). The holes enable 24-channel 850-nm VCSEL and photodiode arrays to be directly flip-chip soldered to the CMOS IC to maximize high-speed performance and facilitate direct fiber-coupling to a standard 4 × 12 MMF array. The Optochips were packaged into complete modules by flip-chip soldering to high-density, high-speed organic carriers. All 48-channels showed good performance up to 12.5 Gb/s/ch providing a 300 Gb/s bidirectional aggregate data rate.