SPIE-P-W 2011
Conference paper

20 Gbps optical link with high efficiency 1060 nm VCSEL

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Measurement results of a high speed, low power single channel optical link operating at 1060 nm are presented. The link is composed of low power VCSEL devices fabricated and provided by Furukawa Electric Co. Ltd. and a low cost OM2 fiber. Clear eye openings are observed at 20 Gbps with a 2 mA DC bias. A modulation voltage of 150 mVp-p results in a -4.1 dBm OMA at the fiber output in a back-to-back configuration, with 0.19 unit amplitude eye opening and 32 ps total jitter extrapolated to a 10-12 bit error ratio. The insertion of a 100 m-long OM2 fiber causes a small signal degradation due to low attenuation and dispersion. For an ideal index profile optimized for dual wavelength operation (850 and 1300 nm), the minimum modal dispersion of the fiber is in the vicinity of the current operation wavelength.