Renewables Forecasting


The energy sector accounts for nearly two-thirds of total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions globally. Around half of the countries have committed to follow the required actions to align their international public support towards clean energy. With such an increasing focus on renewable, sustainable and clean energy, the energy systems and value chains are suspected to undergo transformations in this decade like never seen before. To meet the growing current and future demands of clean energy it is imperative to accelerate the deployment of renewable fuels, renewable electricity generation, integration, management smart-grids, management of energy assets and many other aspects.

Our current focus is on building a cloud based framework for multi-horizon forecasting for distributed renewable assets integrated with the Geospatial Discovery Network. Forecasting continues to play an important role for operational and planning activities in energy systems and value chains. Forecasts are key in managing the integration of renewable power in smart grids, demand management, storage, energy markets and asset management. The framework allows to manage several data pipelines/models and develop/deploy use-inspired AI models, build of custom data pipelines, benchmark the models and deploy them at scale for operational and planning decisions.