Community of Accelerated Discovery in Cancer

Community of Accelerated Discovery in Cancer


The National Cancer Institute’s Division of Cancer Biology (NCI DCB) and IBM Research are partnering to build a Community of Accelerated Discovery composed of a multi-disciplinary group of researchers focused on developing artificial intelligence and mechanistic modeling methods for cancer research. The Community of Accelerated Discovery emanated from a very successful Ideas Lab aimed at proposing new approaches for biologically informed combination therapies for cancer.

The over-arching goal is to bring together clinical, cancer biology, and computational experts and foster the formation of new collaborations, and the sharing of resources, data, and expertise, with the end goal of addressing the biological complexity at the core of therapy interventions in cancer that may lead to more effective patient outcomes. The Community of Accelerated Discovery will be enabled by a platform for access to computational resources, tools, methods, and data.

The flagship activity of this community is the AI for Cancer Mechanisms study group, where we identify examples and use cases of cutting-edge AI and mechanistic modelling tools that we as a community can translate across different problems in Cancer Biology and Therapeutics Discovery.

Are you a researcher with a computational or life sciences background, working on understanding cancer mechanisms, investigating new medications and drug combinations, or developing new computational methods to address these questions?

Then join the discussion and study group!

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This effort is supported by the Open-Source Science Initiative at NumFOCUS, aiming to provide an integrated and sustainable home for the communities of research OSS across science.