Carbon Performance Engine


With over 20% of the world’s largest companies setting net-zero targets, the need for enterprises to measure, track, and reduce their emissions while building operational resiliency to the effects of climate change is increasing.

The Carbon Performance Engine consists of base foundational APIs that convert human and industrial activity data like usage of fuels and chemicals (scope 1), operational energy use of plants (scope 2), emissions from vehicles, infrastructure, and supply chains (scope 3) in their equivalent carbon footprint as per the GHG protocol. Measuring and reporting carbon footprints is the first step in the carbon footprint cycle for enterprises (Fig 1). We are developing a suite of accelerators on top of base capabilities to expand our measuring capabilities into Scope 3 emissions and a self-service Decarbonization Accelerator which is an industry-agnostic generalized tool to accelerate the planning and implementation of emission reduction projects that enterprises can undertake at the enterprise or process level across all types of asset classes, identify GHG hotspots, explain the factors that create these hotspots and carry out what-if analysis to reduce the carbon footprint to achieve NetZero emission targets.