Kevin Kolvenbach


Kevin Kolvenbach


Reliability Engineering


IBM Research Hopewell Junction, NY USA


Kevin is a member of the Reliability Engineering organization where his primary responsibilities focus on testsite design and lab support.  His career with IBM spans 40+ years, with over 20 years experience in testsite layout/design, encompassing FEOL, MOL, and BEOL. He has been designing since before 45nm to our recent 7nm and beyond, covering SiGe, SOI, finFETS, VTFets, MRAM, Nanosheet, etc. across the many technologies and programs.

   Throughout his career with IBM, Kevin has been involved a number of technical assignments starting with his role in equipment support in the Logic Final Test, with expertise in both hardware and software.  He has been a leader in the equipment release process to both manufacturing and maintenance, as well as the succesful transfer of equipment across IBM sites. With his current assignment in Reliability Engineering Kevin is the focal person covering all aspects of the testsite design process.