James Sutton


James Sutton


He/Him/His and They/Them/Theirs


Software Engineer, Emerging Technology


IBM Research Europe - United Kingdom Hursley, England


James is a software enginner working in the Advanced Prototyping Team, part of IBM Research UK. James has been at IBM since 2013, with a specialising in the Internet of Things and Extreme Edge technology. He is adept at working to bridge the gap between research and real world, taking new technologies and finding ways to implement them to solve problems in new and innovative ways.

He is also part of the IBM Wimbleon project, working to deliver IBMs contribution to The Championships as well as supporting new projects that showcase new and exciting technology in a sports and event context.

James is the integration lead for the  IBM Research contribution to the Mayflower Autonomous Ship, working to build a platform upon which multiple science and research experiments can be integrated from both IBM Research, Universities and partner organisations. These experiments work to gather data that could help track and understand how climate change affects our oceans, the creatures within them and how we can better navigate them.