The conference will comprise a series of keynote talks and sessions focusing on the future directions of testing and verification for hardware, software, and complex hybrid systems. An itinerary will be posted here in the weeks preceding the conference.

Keynote Speaker: On Behavioral Programming,
Tuesday, Nov 6, 10:00
Prof. David Harel, Weizmann Institute of Science

Keynote Speaker: Verifying Real-Time Software Is Not Reasonable (Today),
Wednesday, Nov 7, 09:30
Prof. Edward Lee, UC Berkeley

Invited Talk: Reducing Costs While Increasing Quality,
Wednesday, Nov 7, 16:00
Dr. Orna Raz, IBM Research – Haifa

Invited talk: SMT in Verification, Modeling, and Testing at Microsoft,
Thursday, Nov 8, 09:30
Dr. Nikolaj Bjorner, Microsoft Research

The Alan Turing YearSpecial Session on Security Verification
Session Chair: Alex Goryachev
Thursday, Nov 8, 11:00

A Vulnerability or a Bug? What's the Difference Anyway? Security Software Verification as Part of the Development Lifecycle,
Ofer Maor, CTO, Quotium, and Global Membership Committee, OWASP

Formal Analysis of Security Data Paths in RTL Design,
Jamil Mazzawi, Consulting Services Manager, Jasper Design Automation

Simultaneous Information Flow Security and Circuit Redundancy in Boolean Gates,
Prof. Ryan Kastner, University of California, San Diego

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As in previous years, the post-conference proceedings will be published in Springer's Lecture Notes in Computer Science series (LNCS).

HVC 2012 Poster

HVC 2012 Poster

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