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HVC 2009
Haifa Verification Conference 2009

October 19-22, 2009
Organized by IBM R&D Labs in Israel

image: IBM and Haifa

Accepted Papers
  • Reduction of Interrupt Handler Executions for Model Checking Embedded Software
    Bastian Schlich, Thomas Noll, Joerg Brauer and Lucas Brutschy

  • Diagnosability of Pushdown Systems
    Christophe Morvan and Sophie Pinchinat

  • Functional Test Generation with Distribution Constraints
    Anna Moss and Boris Gutkovich

  • An Explanation-Based Constraint Debugger
    Aaron Rich, Giora Alexandron and Reuven Naveh

  • Evaluating Workloads Using Multi-Comparative Functional Coverage
    Yoram Adler, Dale Blue and Shmuel Ur

  • Reasoning about Finite-State Switched Systems
    Dana Fisman and Orna Kupferman

  • Dataflow Analysis for Properties of Aspect Systems
    Yevgenia Alperin and Shmuel Katz

  • Bisimulation Minimisations for Boolean Equation Systems
    Jeroen Keiren and Tim Willemse

  • Synthesizing Solutions to the Leader Election Problem using Model Checking and Genetic Programming
    Gal Katz and Doron Peled

  • Stacking-based Context-Sensitive Points-to Analysis for Java
    Xin Li and Mizuhito Ogawa

  • An Interpolating Decision Procedure for Transitive Relations with Uninterpreted Functions
    Daniel Kroening and Georg Weissenbacher

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