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The team at IBM Research - India

The IBM Research - India team.

Established in 1998, IBM Research - India has been advancing information technology through research in software and services, and providing leadership by delivering innovations to IBM’s clients. With locations in New Delhi and Bangalore, the lab is focused on a wide array of projects in exploratory and applied research.

IBM Research - India has emerged as a premier research lab in the region with an impressive list of achievements, including innovations in service delivery such as customer analytics, workforce management and global delivery management. In addition the lab is working to solve unique challenges in emerging markets such as spoken web, cleansing of noisy data, and scalable analytics platforms for the telecom industry.

IBM Research India is currently focussed on using cognitive technologies (machine learning, pattern recognition, software engineering, analytics) to solve problems in several industry domains such as Financial Services, Education, HR, Tech support, manufacturing, commerce and health, Energy and Utilities).​

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Technology Area

Text & Image Understanding

Within the Cognitive Solutions and Services department at IBM Research - India, we have been leading the work on text and image understanding to change the way people will interact with computers by developing next generation algorithms to derive deeper insights from text and image data.

Deep Learning

With a significant focus on Big Data at IBM in the past few years, and with IBM having access to a large amount of data, IBM Research - India has been on the fore front of applying Deep Learning techniques for strengthening its Cognivite portfolio.

Knowledge Representation & Reasoning

Social Media Data, while being very informative and ever increasing, also provides challenges in terms of interpretation and deriving insights. We further research in this space by additionally challenging ourselves to not only generate trends but also predict outcomes based on such insights.

Graph Analytics

With increasing data, a large number of real world systems need to handle large graph structures. At IBM Research - India, we are performing research on representation of graph databases so that they can handle large data with a scalable mechanism to query them. We also focus on core Graph algorithms for Exascale computing.

Cloud Platform Services

The Cloud Research group works in the area of cloud computing to make it more consumable in an enterprise setting. Topics of interest include Docker container clouds, openstack clouds, migration to cloud and cloud networking.


We are building a blockchain platform and solution prototypes that have the potential to fundamentally change the way we do business in many industries. Our solution will enable significantly faster, less expensive, lower risk transactions and innovative new business models. We are working on “smart contracts”capability that allows one to model and automate business processes to run on a blockchain platform.

Mathematical Modelling & Algorithms

At IBM Research - India, we are developing a suite of industry scale optimization solutions for use-cases like long-term planning, optimal project schedule and dynamic reprioritization during execution.

Cognitive Finance

Finance business is on the verge of being reimagined using the shared ledger and smart contract capabilities of the blockchain. We are building a cross-industry open-source platform that includes work in security, consensus and smart contracts as well as working with clients to apply the technology to various industries.

Smarter Energy

Our research in the Smarter Energy area is focussed around performing Smart Grid Analytics, Thermal Grid Analytics and Renewable Energy Planning and Forecasting domains. We use physical modeling, machine learning, optimization and high-performance computing technologies to solve problems in the energy domain.

Cognitive Education

The Eduation industry is clearly undergoing transformation with open learning, MOOCs and new ways of representing concepts in rich media content. At IBM Research in India, we are developing big data, analytics and cognitive techniques to enable personalized learning at-scale, improving learning outcomes and ultimately guiding students towards successful career pathways.

HR Workforce Optimization

​In this project we are working towards creating multiple scenario-based templates for IBM® Kenexa® Talent Insights. We take the data from different industry segments and use cases. Post that various experiments are conducted to come up with the right data preparation strategy and analytics models that could be used for making predictions. Thus outcome of our work is a key input that goes into building these templates and maximize client success by giving better insight into their data.


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