At IBM Center for Advanced Studies Benelux, innovation is present in everything we do. We give innovation a purpose, a challenge and a goal. Through cooperations with clients and academia, we generate ideas and concepts that give sustainable solutions to any business challenge in a refreshing way. We foster creative thinking through fast-paced dynamic projects that give students and IBMers the tools to bring solutions to the table.

How does our Innovation program work?


The teams in our innovation program are small and consist of top talents with each a unique skill, complementing each other.


The innovation process starts with a challenge. Our clients are facing different problems and the innovation methodology we apply can bring great innovative solutions.


Innovation cannot happen without ideas. By generating many ideas, the teams explore new possibilities to innovate and look beyond what has already been done. The ideas are developed into strong concepts that solves real business problems.


The concept is transformed into a prototype.

IBM Center for Advanced Studies Benelux creates an ideal environment for people who believe in our culture and are interested in research. Through our powerful Collaborative Innovation Centers, we build bridges between IBM and the academic world, in order to make a difference in our focus areas. If you are interested in knowing more about research opportunities at CAS,
don't hesitate to contact us!

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