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Find answers to the most common questions about the IBM PhD Fellowship Awards Program

Must I be a citizen of the country of application to qualify?

No, however, IBM may solicit local country residency and citizenship information for legal compliance purposes as part of the award process. IBM is a US headquartered company and complies with all applicable laws and regulations.

When is the IBM PhD Fellowship nomination period?

The nomination window for the 2023 PhD Fellowships is closed. Check back on this page periodically for announcement of the 2024 PhD Fellowships.

Am I eligible if I hold more than one fellowship/scholarship/internship during the award period?

Students receiving a comparable fellowship, internship, or research funding from another company or institution (does not include academic scholarships) during the same IBM funded academic period are ineligible for an IBM PhD Fellowship.

Please contact with any questions.

Where can I get the forms for an IBM PhD Fellowship nomination?

During the nomination period, all nominations for the IBM PhD Fellowship must be submitted by faculty electronically over the Web on a standardized form to facilitate an open and uniform competition. The nomination window for the 2023 PhD Fellowships is closed. Check back on this page periodically for announcement of the 2024 PhD Fellowships.

What are the effective dates of the 2023 PhD Fellowship?

The 2023 IBM PhD Fellowship begins in the fall semester of 2023 and covers the 2023-2024 academic years. The associated internship may be a summer assignment 2023 or 2024, or an on- site assignment during the academic year, depending on the arrangements made between the awardee, the IBM mentor, and the faculty advisor.

Can an IBM employee or IBM contractor nominate a PhD student for an IBM PhD Fellowship award?

IBM employees, IBM supplemental employees and IBM contractors may not submit IBM PhD Fellowship nominations.

Can an IBM employee be nominated for an IBM PhD Fellowship?

IBM employees are not eligible to be nominated for an IBM PhD Fellowship.

Is the internship mandatory?

The internship is not mandatory; but it is encouraged. Many IBM PhD Fellowship interns tell us that the internships help them to understand the industrial research, development or consulting services environments better, which then helps them in making better career decisions. It also broadens their technical network and strengthens their technical experience.

How are IBM PhD Fellowship recipients selected?

Award recipients will be selected based on their overall potential for research excellence, the degree to which their technical interests align with those of the IBM focus areas listed in the call, and their progress to-date, as evidenced by publications and endorsements from their faculty advisor and department head.

How will I know if my Nominee is awarded an IBM PhD Fellowship?

Award recipients will be finalized in 2Q-4Q 2023. A formal letter of congratulations will be sent to the award winners, but finalization of the award is contingent upon the faculty member engaging with IBM to complete all required due diligence documentation.

How do I find out about the use of my personal data?

Information provided in the IBM PhD Fellowship application is used only to vet your application. The faculty member will be given an opportunity to consent to a privacy policy, and all nominees will also be asked to return a consent as well. Privacy is of utmost importance to us and records are retained as applicable to U.S. Tax regulations. To learn more about IBM's data privacy, read IBM's  Privacy statement. For a particular inquiry please send an email to:

What are the award payment documentation requirements for IBM PhD Fellowship Awardees?

Please note, because IBM PhD Fellowship awards to students are governed by US charitable giving rules and regulations, the recipient institutions will be required to provide additional documentation.

How and when are payments made?

The IBM PhD Fellowship payments are sent to the university no later than the last quarter of the year. The timing of the payment depends heavily on the engagement of the nominator and the university in returning all documentation expeditiously. Awards are payable to the university or foundation, not directly to the student awardee. All nominations must include contact information for a university finance administrator for the department (designated in the nomination form by the faculty advisor) who can confirm details for payment.

What follow-ups occur with IBM PhD Fellowship program?

The IBM PhD Fellowship program may survey, arrange an outcomes call, or engage with the awardees mentor, the awardee, or the faculty for updates. The results and feedback are used to improve the program.

As a nominated candidate how do I gain access to the information provided by the faculty?

You may request a copy of the submitted nomination form from the faculty who submitted the nomination.

What if I have more questions?

For questions not addressed here or on the program tab above, send an email to