Toby Kurien


Toby Kurien


Research Engineer


IBM Research - Africa Johannesburg, South Africa


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I am an electronics engineer who specializes in software engineering. I have programmed in BASIC on an 8086 PC, assembly language on a PC and on a PIC microcontroller, wrote an IDE in Turbo Pascal, an IRC client in C++, real-time digital audio processing software for a 486SX33, Windows miniport drivers and embedded firmware for PCI satellite receivers and set-top box satellite decoders, a real-time web-based steel plant monitoring system utilizing Java applets (back in 1998), a content management system in Cold Fusion, an even more advanced one in Java, web-based home automation software, social-networking applications in Ruby On Rails, mobile websites in Python using Django, native Android and BlackBerry 10 apps, and machine learning solutions in Python.

I co-founded a successful software development company, created multiple startups, and spent 5 years freelancing as an Android developer as a way to help build solutions for other startups as well as NGOs. I have run training workshops, presented several times at high-profile conferences as well as user groups, mentored startups at hackathons, co-founded a maker space, and have created and contributed to several open source projects.

My goal is to use first-world technology to help solve third-world problems.