Ruud Haring


Ruud Haring


Principal Research Staff Member


IBM Research - Yorktown Heights Yorktown Heights, NY USA


Ruud A. Haring is a Principal Research Staff Member at the IBM Thomas. J. Watson Research Center. He received B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Physics from Leyden University (The Netherlands). At IBM since 1984,  Ruud initially studied surface science aspects of plasma processing. Since 1992 he has been involved in electronic circuit design on both microprocessors and ASICs. He was responsible for the Synthesis, Physical Design and Test aspects of the Blue Gene (/L, /P, /Q) chip designs, as well as for Functional Diagnostics of Blue Gene cards and systems. He has managed the hardware design team in the Data Centric Systems department, and was principal investigator for a government project. Currently, Ruud is involved in Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Research. Ruud has received IBM Outstanding Technical Achievement Awards for contributions to the z900 mainframe, to the Blue Gene/L and Blue Gene/P supercomputers, an IBM Corporate Award for the Blue Gene/Q supercomputer, and was a recipient of the 2005 Gerstner Award for Client Excellence. Ruud's research interests include circuit design and optimization, design for testability, ASIC design and system integration. He is a senior member of the IEEE.