Lucas Correia Villa Real


Lucas Correia Villa Real


Research software engineer - Data management


IBM Research - Brazil São Paulo, Brazil


Lucas Villa Real joined IBM Research Brazil in 2011 after transitioning from his work as a consultant for the IBM Almaden Research Center lab. His work is centered around data management techniques for scientific and industry workloads. Some notable projects that he conducted with his peers include the Linear Tape File System (which received an Emmy Award for its relevance to the Media & Entertainment industry) and a pluggable acceleration engine for 3D spatial databases (which improved query times by up to 3000x).

Lucas has also worked with several open source projects that shaped his career over the years. In special, he maintains the peculiar GoboLinux distribution which showcases unique filesystem and virtualization techniques that influenced popular projects like the Homebrew package manager.

Lucas has a BsC degree by Unisinos and a MsC by the Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo, where he specialized on digital TV systems and on filesystems.