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STSM Cal Swart joined IBM Research in the fall of 1982. Since then he has worked on a variety of projects ranging from object-oriented toolkits, handheld applications, and nextgen web applications.

Things I am proud of

  • Object-oriented ClassC programming
    • helped test and deploy ClassC library
  • Object-oriented graphics classes
    • helped develop graphics classes 
    • developed airline seating demo
  • PS2 video card
    • tested the video API 
    • developed application showing video in a window
  • OS2 anti-aliased fonts
    • developed and deployed anti-aliased fonts in OS2
    • handed off to OS2 team
  • OS2 embedded browser control
    • developed OS2 embedded browser control
    • handed off to OS2 team
  • (NetVista) 
    • bring internet applications to schools on a low-cost budget
    • developed internet applications for schools
    • developed installation routines
    • setup and maintained infrastructure
    • traveled to schools to install, setup, and test installation
  • Palm Pilot Safeway home shopping application
    • developed shopping application on the Palm Pilot
    • helped develop backend support for the shopping application
    • deployed at Safeway UK
  • Palm Pilot insurance application
    • developed insurance agent application
    • deployed for testing in Canada
  • Visitor's/Applicant's web site
    • for people interviewing with IBM for scheduling their visit
  • Web Adaptation Technology (WAT)
    • developed an IE plugin to allow low-vision users to modify web pages dynamically
    • developed installation routines
    • setup and maintained infrastructure
  • accessibilityWorks 
    • developed a Firefox plugin port of the WAT technology
    • developed installation routines
    • deployed at a school in NYC
    • worked with other organizations to install and setup in their facility
  • Productivity assessment for parallel computing
    • setup and maintained infrastructure to test
    • developed routines to gather data
    • helped analyze data
    • able to show >10% improvement in productivity
  • Mobile application login with face, voice and gesture
    • developed application to use face and voice as login methods on a mobile device
    • developed installation routines
    • installed and maintained backend infrastructure
  • CogTool
    • prototyping tool that uses a human performance model to automatically evaluate how efficiently a skilled user can do a task on a design
    • helped deploy at IBM
    • developed installation routines
    • setup infrastructure for deployment
  • Chef Watson 
    • create recipes using Watson technology that have never before been cooked
    • setup and maintained infrastructure on Bluemix
    • setup and maintained backend process on VM
    • developed log analysis routines
    • deployed to IBM CSF infrastructure
  • Maintaining researcher
    • Maintain researcher infrastructure 
    • developed routines to upload photos and files
    • helped develop and maintain interface to Google Scholar
    • developed LinkedIn interface to import profile
    • developed publications interface to Microsoft Academic 
    • developed an deployed W3 login
    • maintained Watson Concept Insights (Piazza)
    • ported Piazza to new Red Hat VM
    • integrated Academy of Technology into researcher
    • troubleshoot and fix problems
    • deploy code
  • Port Researcher to Bluemix
    • deployed SQL database to Bluemix 
    • deployed application(s) to Bluemix
    • deployed application(s) to Kubernetes
    • used Object Storage for pictures and files
    • developed routines to upload files and photos to Object Storage
    • used PHP S3 interface to access Object Storage
    • ported researcher from PHP 5 to PHP 7
  • Group Support
    • supported the groups that I was in by setting up, maintaining, troubleshooting team laptops
    • setup and maintained group infrastructure
    • group IT support
    • go to person for troubleshooting problems
  • Systems
    • Macintosh
    • Windows
    • Linux
  • Languages
    • html 
    • javascript
    • python
    • php
    • some java
    • some nodejs express
    • docker


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