Alex Mathai


Alex Mathai


Software Engineer - Research


IBM Research - India Bengaluru, India


Alex Mathai (personal-page) is a computer science researcher with a demonstrated history in machine learning and artificial intelligence.  He works at the intersection of research and industry, integrating practical AI tools for open-sourced as well as commercial software. Some of his successful contributions include using AI to help decompose large monolith applications into microservices, classifying and analyzing internet traffic at gigabyte scales, making AI models more robust in real-life scenarios and implementing computer vision models for satellite images.

He currently works as a Research Engineer in the Hybrid Cloud Vertical, leveraging AI techniques that solve problems in the Hybrid Cloud Paradigm. To this end, he is currently involved in learning better representations for code by modeling code with the help of knowledge graphs and graph neural networks. His work has featured in conferences like IJCAI, IEEE and CODS-COMAD and has been used for many client use-cases.



Top collaborators

Amith Singhee

Amith Singhee

Director, IBM Research India; CTO, IBM India / South Asia