Alessandro Morari


Alessandro Morari


Senior Research Scientist


IBM Research - Yorktown Heights Yorktown Heights, NY USA


Dr. Alessandro Morari is a Senior Research Scientist and Technical Leader at IBM Research. He has deep expertise in High Performance Computing (HPC) and Machine Learning (ML). His current research interests focus on building large-scale, high-performance systems for Deep Learning.

Previously, he led a team creating ML models for analyzing and generating source code, leading to the development of the IBM Watson Code Assistant. Dr. Morari also worked on system software performance to deliver the IBM Summit and Sierra supercomputers, the world's fastest supercomputers in 2018. He also helped create PNNL's GEMS, a high-performance graph database, which paved the way for the startup Trovares to offer cloud-based graph analytics.

In addition to his work, Dr. Morari has taught a graduate course on using HPC for Machine Learning and has written 25 academic papers. He's also contributed to 17 patents.

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