Adinan Alves de Brito Filho


Adinan Alves de Brito Filho


Software Engineer Intern


IBM Research - Brazil São Paulo, Brazil


Adinan is a Software Engineer Intern in Responsible and Inclusive Technologies Group at IBM Research. He is an Information Engineering and Science & Technology Undergraduate Student at Federal University of ABC. He holds Computer Technician Certificate from ETEC Sapopemba. Adinan is also an active member of Signal & Systems Laboratory at Federal University of ABC where he concluded two research projects related to Digital Signal Processing and Multimedia Encoding areas, having presented both of them at local research conferences. His research interests include Audio and Image Processing, Visual and Acoustic Perception, Machine Learning, AI, and Human-Computer Interaction.

Adinan is also a volunteer at BRG PcD Brasil, a group composed by IBM professionals with the ultimate goal of enhancing the success of IBM’s business objectives by helping IBMers with disabilities succeed in the workplace.


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