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IBM Research – Brazil was established in June 2010, with locations in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Developers, engineers, scientists and other experts at these labs are dedicated to advance artificial intelligence, hybrid cloud, security and quantum. Our research is particularly focused on applying these technical and scientific advancements to better manage natural resources such as oil and gas. We collaborate with leading organizations in a variety of industries – from oil and gas to mining and agriculture – as well as IBM experts from around the globe to create and deploy transformative technology solutions within our region and the world.

Natural Resources Solutions



Digital agriculture solutions use technologies such as the Internet-of-things (Iot) and articificial intelligence (AI) to help farmers better manage crops and more efficiently bring fresh produce to our tables. At IBM Research – Brazil, we are developing solutions to address a variety of agriculture industry challenges, from streamlining the production and usage of seeds and fertilizers to better understanding plant genetics, and improving farm management and product distribution.

Nature Resources Solutions

Digital Agriculture Solutions

Digital Agriculture Solutions

Digital agriculture projects in development include:

  • Precision agriculture: applying advances in data science, AI, IoT and forecasting from The Weather Company -- an IBM Business -- to improve farming techniques, preserve natural resources and optimize crop output.
  • Computer vision on the farm: using advances in AI and cognitive computing to collect, recognize, analyze and interpret images to better understand crop health and growth.
  • Field analysis: platforms and solutions for conducting customized tests on a range of factors impacting agribusiness such as soil composition, water quality, machine functionality and irrigation.
  • Information for producers: a solution using the power of Watson to simplify access to information critical for successful agriculture producers -- from weather patterns and pest control to seed variation and government regulation. This project involves collecting and cataloging public information about agriculture production and making it easily accessible and searchable.

AI and Cognitive Computing

Advancing natural language processing

Advancing natural language processing

The Social Cognitive Technologies group of IBM Research - Brazil focuses on technologies and applications based on the analysis of human-related data. Our mission is to realize the potential of human/social data in businesses and society.

Our approach is to investigate and develop technologies based both on personal data, such as social media posts, and on social data, such as the network of friends, news articles and dialogue systems.

Conversational cognitive agents, or chatbots, are autonomous agents that use natural language to communicate with a human or other chabots to exchange information about a common topic. At IBM Research – Brazil, we are conducting research and developing new methods and tools to advance the state-of-the-art on chatbots that can interact using natural language in a multi-party, mixed-initiative conversation. The chatbots are enhanced with information extracted from social media networks and news websites. For example, a chatbot that serves as an investment adviser can exchange information about Brazilian finance in Portuguese and can also offer financial advise using natural language.

Natural Resource Solutions

Oil and Gas Exploration

Oil and gas exploration

Advances in AI and cognitive computing are enabling new methods and approaches to oil and gas exploration and business processes, from improving seismic imaging to transforming industry processes and decision-making. Related IBM Research – Brazil projects in development include:

  • Information extractor: a solution for collecting and extracting large volumes of data from technical and business content to simplify and improve access to critical information.
  • Seismic interpretation: The use of AI and cognitive computing to analyze seismic images, recognize patterns and determine geological risk.
  • Project advisor: The use of AI and cognitive computing to encourage more informed operations in the process flow for oil and gas extraction.

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