Formal Quality Technologies (FQT)

Our focus is on Cloud Quality and Verification. We build technologies and solutions to improve the quality of the cloud computing stack (SaaS, PaaS and IaaS), concentrating on policy management and network security.

Network-Policy Analysis

Microservices-based architecture is at the heart of many modern cloud applications. In such an architecture, numerous loosely-coupled services communicate over the network using lightweight protocols. To protect sensitive services (e.g., user database) network policies are deployed, restricting the allowed communication channels. These policies can sometimes be tricky to specify, and developers often make mistakes, either blocking essential traffic or opening critical resources to attackers. Our tool, NPV, builds a semantic model for a given set of network policies in a given cluster, and can reason about it. NPV can compare policies, detect common pitfalls and answer queries about allowed/disallowed traffic. It currently supports Kubernetes and Calico.