What Did I Eat?
A new mobile IOS app


Hi and welcome to What Did I Eat – the IBM personal health and food logging app for iPhone users.

Late night snacking?
Inhaling sweets with your mid-morning coffee?
Just one more cocktail?
Get some new habits for a new you!


What Did I Eat identifies your eating habits and helps you adopt better ones with personal coaching - going beyond just tracking your total calorie intake.


Sophisticated AI algorithms from IBM Research recognize food items in images and help you track your nutritional intake more easily by learning your preferred foods.


Using Deep-Learning-based food visual recognition, our app recognizes many common food items. The app also allows you to personalize your list of food items and add your own custom items using just a few photos.


Oded Dubovsky, Manager Computer Vision and Augmented Reality, IBM Research - Haifa

Business proposition

CB Insights listed food as the #3 innovation trend


The wellness food market will reach a value of over $45 B by 2022


The worldwide weight loss market is estimated at $586 B with online services at 13.7% CAGR