• Mapping nutrition with “What did I eat?” Cognitive Build project simplifies food logging     Learn more

    Cognitive Build project simplifies food logging

    Visual recognition gives computers new eyes into the world. Whether it’s mapping the drought in California or maintaining telecom towers, cognitive systems are helping computers derive more meaning from images, providing more value to us. “What did I eat?” is a finalist project in the Cognitive Build, IBM’s internal team innovation challenge looking at one very specific use case: helping mobile devices make sense of what’s on our plates. The app helps this logging issue using the camera on your phone. Just snap a picture of your food and the app will identify it based on the similarity to images in its database, much as Facebook may identify you and friends when you upload a picture.

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IBM Research - Haifa is the largest lab of IBM Research Division outside of the United States. Founded as a small scientific center in 1972, it grew into a major lab that leads the development of innovative technological products and cognitive solutions for the IBM corporation. The Lab works with IBM development and services arms, partners with clients to answer their needs, and collaborates with universities to promote industrial research. Continuously reinventing and refocusing itself to stay at the forefront of the technology, most projects today fall under cognitive computing, cloud data services, healthcare informatics, and image and video analytics, alongside mobile, security and quality. The lab also focuses on the healthcare domain.

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