The Blockchain Platform Technologies group specializes in creating high-performance messaging solutions, including replication middleware for distributed ledger technologies, consensus algorithms, interactive protocols, and a complex blockchain-based management system. The team has vast expertise in the field of distributed computing, with a focus on distributed ledger technology, high availability, clustering, and communication.

Our major activities

Hyperledger Fabric

Our team contributing to the Hyperledger Fabric enterprise-grade permissioned blockchain operating system is playing an active role in the Linux Foundation open source community contributing to the design of the Hyperledger Fabric platform. Researchers from our group are working on different aspects of the platform, from implementation of highly reliable and secure ledger replication middleware, to a service discovery mechanism, improving the platform’s ease-of-use aspects, smart contracts, consensus algorithms, and further improvements and optimizations.

Blockchain DB

The blockchain database concept combines traditional databases with the intrinsic primitives of the blockchain. As a result of that combination, creating distributed systems with append-only transactions logs allows us to leverage cryptography to guarantee non-repudiation and data integrity. Such synergy will allow us to secure every transaction and establish a provable chronology of events. The blockchain DB will ensure business application layers with extreme data integrity, tamper-resistant data sources, and the capacity to generate a complete data trail. These properties become extremely important in missions or applications where users need to connect to external IoT sensors or devices to collect and extract information, while the storage and processing of the information is done by a central authoritative entity. To inhibit collusion attacks and increase trustfulness and compliance of cloud infrastructure and elements, we advocate an innovative exploitation of blockchain technology to design and implement a distributed, secure blockchain-based database for cloud computing environments. The resulting system also provides enhanced richness and expressiveness of query operations, traceability of data, and non-repudiation, thus maintaining the required level of data quality and integrity guarantee.

Publications Portfolio

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Dany Moshkovich, Manager, Blockchain Technologies, IBM Research - Haifa