Smart Client Platforms

The Smart Client Platforms group specializes in research and development of programming languages, tools, and platforms for developing, deploying, and managing enterprise solutions, using state-of-the-art edge and cloud technologies. The platforms and tools we develop target skilled developers as well as knowledge workers, and highlight operation simplicity, consumability, scalability, and excellent user experience, while supporting high-end security standards.

Our major activities include:

5G/Edge Platforms

The transition to 5G in telecom networks is well underway. 5G opens up huge opportunities in a variety of industries thanks to its significantly improved throughput, latency, reliability, and device density. The 5G network architecture is based on a distributed cloud approach with a large number of micro-datacenters at the edge running both core and user functions. It is expected that Kubernetes will play a major role in facilitating a transformation to the cloud-native model. The 5G network will be highly heterogeneous with a mix of VM-based NFs (VNFs), container-based NFs (CNFs), and appliance-based physical NFs (PNFs). The state of the art in management and orchestration of network function virtualization (NFV MANO) does not render itself cost-effectively to the cloud-native transformation.

The challenge we address is providing a truly cloud-native platform to manage and orchestrate all types of network functions, as well as the applications running in telecom clouds. We are developing a Kubernetes-native NFV MANO tool. The tool extends the proven capabilities of K8s and OpenShift to 5G telecom networks. This is an important step in the cloud transformation of telecom networks, bringing significant benefits to the entire DevOps cycle. A single tool with a single DevOps experience is used to manage heterogeneous resources in the telecom network, including virtualized, containerized, and physical network functions. The flexibility, high expressiveness, and reliability of K8s/OpenShift enable complex network services to be easily developed and managed.

Drone Services Platform

We are also developing a cognitive cloud-based platform for management, provisioning, and consumption of drones and drone-based services. This platform serves as a basis for an entire ecosystem encompassing developers, consumers, and providers of drone services for both indoor and outdoor scenarios. The data captured by the sensors is streamed to the platform, stored, and analyzed.


Nili Guy, Manager Smart Client Platforms, IBM Research - Haifa